Monday, 19 September, 2011

എക്സ് ഓർഗ്ഗിലെ പുതിയ ഇൻസ്ക്രിപ്റ്റ് ലേഔട്ട്

An enhanced Inscript keyboard layout is now available as part of xorg package in Debian experimental. It probably has made it way to testing by now. I authored it. I might have submitted it as a patch, but that would have raised the hackles of the "no atomic chillu" brigade, who would have dropped an Atom bomb on me. The enhancements are:- - കൗ; not the other ghoulish old school "au". Unicode anyways recognises both as equivalent. - ‍‍‍ർ, ൾ, ൺ, ൽ, ൻ at places recommended by the Kerala government's Malayalam Keyboard layout committee. Higher level modifiers (altgr, etc) are still a TODO. Waiting for finalisation of the CDAC's proposal on ehnanced qwerty INSCRIPT keyboard layout.